Child Pornography Laws in Henrico, Virginia

A kind of pornography that involves the portrayal of sexual activities including children under the age of consent for the purpose of sexual stimulation is known as Child pornography.


Child pornography has been declared officially offensive by the Law enforcing agencies in Henrico. A person that is found purchasing, distributing, receiving or producing any kind of child pornographic content, will be punished and sentenced to prison and also will be charged fine. Child pornography laws in Henrico, Virginia specifically identifies that child pornography is unlawful under the Federal government enforced laws. Various kinds of media can be used in Child Pornography, some of them are:

  • Writings
  • Magazines containing nudity
  • Photos showing sexual acts
  • Unsuitable sculptures
  • Drawings
  • Cartoons
  • Paintings containing sexuality
  • Sound recordings
  • Porn films involving children performing sexual acts.
  • Videos containing sexuality.

According to Child pornography laws in Henrico, Virginia, there are some kinds of images under the statute 18.2 – 374.1:1, that are exempted from the law described above and following are the kinds of pictures that are exempted:

  • Pictures that are stored for some medical and scientific reasons.
  • Images kept by people working for law enforcing agencies, doctors, psychologists, lawyers or physicians.
  • Images possessed by a judge dealing a court case

Child pornography laws in Henrico, Virginia are considering the crime of Child pornography very seriously because Child pornography has been rapidly increasing since 2004 and this needs to end for the safety of children from sexual assault. According to the Child pornography laws the high demand on porn sites for child pornography content is a main reason of the abduction and the sexual abuse of children.


Child pornography laws in Henrico, Virginia indicates three separate felony charges for the production, possession and distribution of Child pornography content. Any person living in Henrico, if found with the pornographic images or videos will be convicted under VA Statute 18.2 – 374.1 : 1 and will also be considered as a Class 6 felony guilty. Class 6 felonies can result in prison for about 5 years of imprisonment and a maximum of $2,500 fine.

Child pornography laws in Henrico, Virginia are still under deliberation for taking more safety measures against the raping of infants and toddlers. United Nations haves been working for the illegalization of Child pornography internationally. Child pornography is censored and unlawful in Henrico, Virginia. Child Pornography Laws in Henrico have declared child pornography as illegal and anyone found guilty of this crime will have to face some severe actions against this crime.

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