Embezzlement lawyers in Alexandria, Virginia

White collar offenses are driven by financial gain rather than violence. The committer of a white collar crime utilizes clever schemes to deceive the victims to obtain their money instead of physically snatching it from them or threatening to hand over the money, like in a robbery. However, victims of this offense can significantly get affected due to financial damages and breach of trust. For this reason, nonviolent white collar crimes in Alexandria, Virginia are considered very serious and can lead to harsh penalties. It is, therefore, crucial to contact a Virginia attorney as soon as you get charged with this crime.

One kind of white-collar crime is embezzlement. In an easier word, it is similar to theft. Taking someone’s money or belongings without their consent is considered as theft. However, embezzlement is different in the sense that one party has temporary consent to keep hold of the money or possession but they decide to permanently deprive the owner of it. For instance, if a customer steals money from a register, it is considered theft. Whereas embezzlement would be if an employee who has permission to handle the cash register takes the money. In order for a theft crime to be considered embezzlement, breach of trust should occur between the parties that allow the offender to access the money.

Common Scenarios of Embezzlement in Alexandria, Virginia:

Some common scenarios where embezzlement may occur include:

  1. Bank tellers pocketing deposits
  2. Accountants altering the records to keep some of the assets of the organization they are working for
  3. A broker keeping money of the client for himself

This offense may be a simple act or it may require years of thoughtful planning.

Penalties for Embezzlement:

Under the Virginia law, getting convicted for embezzlement may result in diverse consequences depending on the worth of the theft. Embezzlement may also get considered a federal crime if the federal government was the victim of the scheme. This carries a completely separate set of penalties. For embezzling below $200, the offender will have to face up to a year of prison time, restitution, probation and a fine of $2500. If the embezzler committed a theft of more than $200 then he may face up to 20 years in prison with a minimum of one year, probation, restitution and up to $2500 in fines. A federal embezzlement charge can lead to up to 30 years of jail time in federal prison and high fines of up to $250,000

The penalties for the white collar crime embezzlement in Alexandria, Virginia are extremely harsh. For this reason, it is important that you strategize strong defense. Consult an experienced Alexandria, Virginia attorney if you are facing charges for embezzlement and if you want to effectively protect yourself from the harsh consequences. An experienced lawyer will assess the particulars of your case and strategize a strong defense in order to protect your freedom and finances.