Improper driving in Richmond Virginia

Under the light of Virginia Law Section 46.2-869 improper driving is defined as a small degree of reckless driving, in which relatively low penalties are imposed on the accused. Any person found driving rashly with a speed approaching to 80 miles per hour on the roads of Commonwealth of Virginia falls under the category of reckless driving. Reckless driving is considered to be a serious offense even more than that of heedless or careless driving. An accused falls under the category of Class 1 Misdemeanor where he or she is strictly penalized. Following are the penalties imposed under the light of Virginian Law:

  • The accused is convicted to the Class 6 Felony;
  • The accused is enforced to an imprisonment of six months while in severe cases for twelve months;
  • The accused is charged with six DMV points on the driving record where they stay for eleven consecutive years;
  • The accused is charged with a heavy fine of up to $2500.

Penalties sentenced by the court however depends upon the following conditions:

  • Previous criminal record of the accused;
  • Code of conduct of the accused;
  • The way he has argued with the traffic sergeant or the court;
  • Previous driving record of the accused.

In case if a person is already charged with any driving charge is more likely to suffer with severe penalties, however the charge can be reduced to an optimal level by arguing in the court. The offender has to prove that the crime committed was unlawful but at the same time it was not harmful for people and property around. This can reduce one’s punishment to the charge of improper driving, where following penalties are imposed on the accused:

  • The accused is charged with a fine of up to $500(at maximum);
  • The accused is charged with 3 DMV points on his or her driving record;
  • These points stay in the record for maximum of three years;
  • The accused is not sentenced to jail;
  • Driving permit of the driver is not suspended.

Traffic violation charges are considered to be a serious offense, due to which strict penalties are imposed. These penalties are imposed in order to avoid:

  • Severe accidents;
  • Haphazard in the state;
  • Violation of the traffic code;
  • Population vulnerability.

Therefore, an accused is advised to strive hard in order to lower the strength of penalties imposed. This cannot be done without the help and support of a legal adviser and attorney. In order to seek legal support you can consult Law offices of SRIS P.C. who have been dealing with all sorts of traffic violation charges since years. We have a team of experts including trial lawyers and two former prosecutors who can proficiently provide you with the solution to your problem. All what you need to do is consult any of our legal advisers and schedule your first consultancy session with us. We ensure your safety and satisfaction.