List of reckless driving Punishments in Virginia

Are you charged with a reckless driving and you are worried about the reckless driving in Virginia punishment? Getting a Reckless driving ticket can get you into a lot trouble as the person getting a reckless driving ticket might face the punishments of class 1 misdemeanor criminal Offense.

Virginia treat reckless driving as a major violation of the traffic laws, therefore reckless driving is considered as a criminal Offense.  Dealing with the court and prosecutor is itself a difficult job if you have a fear of getting into the jail.

Understanding reckless driving

According to the Virginia code 46.2 – 862 and 46.2 – 852 reckless driving is a criminal Offense which will penalize the careless attitude of the drivers. This attitude specifically includes driving the vehicle at a speed of 80mph irrespective of the speed limit and driving 20mph above the speed limit. Both of these acts of the driver are considered as reckless driving as they can cause potential road accidents. These neglecting behavior of a driver usually includes dangerously driving on the road and not looking after current traffic conditions, passing through a red signal which strictly prohibits a car to cross, turning without giving any indication through the electronic signals of your car, recklessly driving on road without using your headlights or using mobile phone while driving and not paying attention on the road.

How strict are Reckless driving in Virginia punishment?

In order to give a reckless driving ticket, the police officer considers the careless attitude of the driver which can become a potential reason for any future damages irrespective of any current accident or damage to any property or living thing. Such careless drivers will face reckless driving in Virginia punishment which is quite strict as it is considered as a class 1 misdemeanor. The maximum penalty for a reckless driving ticket can be:

  1. Getting maximum number of 6 negative points on Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle record
  2. Getting a fine of $2500 maximum along with the court fees
  3. Getting a suspension of the driving license for a maximum period of 6 months
  4. And it can even lead the reckless drivers to an imprisonment for a maximum period of 12 months.

The other long-term reckless driving in Virginia punishment includes:

  1. Loss of job due to imprisonment
  2. A long-term record of reckless driving on your driving transcript
  3. Disturbance in personal life if the license is suspended due to reckless driving
  4. An increase in insurance premium

Can reckless driving in Virginia Punishment be waived off?

As reckless driving is a serious offense one should fight the case in court to waive false reckless driving charges. If you are charged with a reckless driving ticket which you do not deserve or you believe that this was your first offense you should immediately seek the help of a professional defense lawyer. The prosecutors in Virginia courts are skilled enough to make someone plead guilty unintentionally.