Loudoun VA drug charge attorney helps their clients to protect their rights when they are accused of a drug offense. Having so much at stake, an accused needs to counter the case of the prosecution with a strategic and powerful defence.

Loudoun VA drug charge attorney helps the people that are charged with the offense of possession of drugs, either with an intent to sell or for personal use. Loudoun VA drug charge attorney can determine what defenses will prove the best in your case and what evidence and proves to collect to establish a strong defence against the criminal charge.

Different states deals with the issue of illicit drugs in different ways, however, the Federal government have the toughest and very harsh penalties and charges of drug offenses that can be explained by Loudoun VA drug charge attorney in detail.

Following are some most common defenses against the drug offense charges.

Drugs belonging to someone else are the most common defence to the drug offense. Claiming that the drugs do not belong to you and you have no idea where they come from is the most used defense. A skilled Loudoun VA drug charge attorney will emphasize on proving that the drugs did not belong to you.

Other most common defence can be crime lab analysis. The prosecution has to prove a substance found from you is an illicit drug it claims it is by sending a sample to a crime lab for detailed investigation. The lab analyst must testify it in front of the court.

Drugs were planted is a defence that is also used most commonly by the defence lawyers in Loudoun Virginia.

If you have been arrested on a drug offense charge, you might have defence available to you that cannot be identified by you. A professional drug charge attorney will immediately identify defence available to you that might prove helpful in forming a strong defence against the criminal charge.

Loudoun VA has very stiff penalties for the drug offenses. Many drug offenses such as possession of drugs come under Class 5 felonies and are punishable by a sentence of imprisonment for at least 1 year to 10 years with a heavy penalty fine. On the other hand, simple possessions offenses that come under Schedule 4, 5 or 6 are said to be the misdemeanor offenses that are typically punishable by 12 months of imprisonment and a penalty fine of $2500.

Moreover, if someone is charged with a drug offense for the first time for the case of marijuana possession, it will count as a misdemeanor offense and will be punishable by a penalty fine of $500 with a sentence to imprisonment for 30 days.

The drug charge attorney is well experienced and professional, and they know how to deal with a drug offense case in a best possible way. You need to consult and discuss your case with a drug charge attorney as soon as you get charged with a drug offense in Loudoun to be provided with freedom and justice.