Online Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia

Online Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia involves a perpetrator asking or taking part in a discussion with a minor which leads to them discussing about sexual favors, the perpetrator solicits this minor to conduct inappropriate sexual acts or meet them with the intent of having illegal sexual relations.

Online Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia is one of the most common types of sex crimes against minors. This involves the communication of the perpetrator and a minor using the internet through which the solicitation takes place. When someone is charged against online solicitation of a minor, the perpetrator needs to understand the gravity of the charges and the concerned defenses, the preliminary penalty and also the related long-term consequences.

Online Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia can become an extremely frustrating charge for numerous defendants as this charge does not actually require the completed sexual act with the minor. Even though the defendant might argue that he never touched the minor, the simple act of merely communicating with him/her is enough to entitle him as the perpetrator in this situation.

For the Online Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia, the method of contact should also involve numerous other types of online and/or electronic means. When this particular charge first came into the law books, most states across the US restricted its application to all the conversations taking place on the internet.

Nevertheless, as technological advancements took place, so did all the online solicitation laws in Virginia. Most of these laws now also include discussions using any kind of electronic messaging means, emails, and/or text messages. As long as this method is considered to be electronic and the conversations comprise of an appeal to the minor to meet so as to engage in inappropriate sexual acts, then the perpetrator might be charged with the solicitation of a minor charge.

Online Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia: Misdemeanor or Felony?

Online Solicitation of a Minor in Virginia is frequently classified to be a felony level violation. Like most of the felony level crimes, the range of punishments might comprise of a delayed or ‘suspended sentence’ which can amount to at least seven years in jail. If the defendant is residing in Virginia, he/she can receive from 2-20 years of prison time. Even though, this delayed sentence can and will allow the perpetrator to stay free, there are numerous restorations they will be placed under. These restriction are severe as they are known to be sex-related offenses.

The court might even order the perpetrator to submit the maintenance polygraphs, take part in an individual and/or group sex reprobate counseling sessions, to submit to the court a sex reprobate evaluation, and also to abstain from being around any minors during their time on probation. The court might also need the perpetrator to pay for all these various programs which may run up to five hundred dollars or more every month.

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