Sexual Voilence and The Laws In VA

Sexual violence is universally acknowledged to be something that needs to be dealt with in order to make society safe for all, but one of the most important aspects of doing this is separating the various kinds of sexual violence that exist in the world at the moment. One of the most important distinctions that end up being made in situations such as this is between sexual violence and other sex crimes because the umbrella term sex crimes are used for a large number of offenses some of which are even completely nonviolent in nature.

Nonviolent sex crimes such as solicitation, for example, are not going to be punished as severely as crimes that involve violence that has a sexual aspect to it. One thing you need to realize in situations such as this is that sexual violence generally causes a lot more damage which is why it is punished so much more severely than sex crimes of a far less violent nature. These crimes include things like rape, sexual battery, infected sexual battery as well as a variety of other crimes that involve minors such as indecent liberties as well as other crimes that involve adults.

The difference between rape and the sexual battery can often be a little hazy. The fact of the matter is that both crimes are very serious indeed, and most of the time they come from the same kind of predatory behavior that has stemmed from patriarchal mindsets as well as feelings of sexual entitlement that the perpetrators of these crimes tend to have. Rape generally involves sex that comes from coercion or any other situation where consent was not obtained. For example, sex with an unconscious individual is rape, as well as sex where physical intimidation was used. Situations, where consent was obtained through threats of violence, stripping away of financial security or emotional manipulation are usually also referred to as rape.

Knowing these things is important because of the fact that it helps one understand that in the eyes of the law, sexual battery is a far more serious offense than something like rape. This is because of the fact that rape involves a lack of consent, but sexual battery usually involves actual physical violence. Assault is a very common part of the sexual battery, and usually, there is a lot more physical damage that has been done in situations such as this.

The sexual battery has different types to it as well. There is a further kind of sexual battery that is referred to as an infected sexual battery. This is when the sexual battery ends up leaving the victim with a sexually transmitted infection of some kind, one that they would have to get actual medical treatment for. This is clearly a more serious offense because of the fact that it does not involve physical injury, it also leaves the victim with an illness that they might have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

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