Traffic Lawyer Fairfax VA

Traffic Laws in Fairfax VA

A traffic violation is considered class 1 misdemeanor according to the law of Fairfax VA. The law enforcement agencies and the police officers are allowed to charge a ticket or penalty on a person who is accused of a traffic violation for which one can hire a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA. It is considered as a serious crime according to both federal and state law. Traffic violations in Fairfax VA include speeding, using mobile phones, changing of the lane against the rule, following a vehicle too closely, driving without a license, driving under the influence (DUI), etc. A person is accused of such crime because he or she finds it difficult to understand the code of conduct that should be followed while driving. Another reason is that everyone thinks that driving is a need, spark, and zeal. Due to this passion, the thrill seeker youth often violates the traffic law. A traffic lawyer Fairfax VA can help a person in such situation by guiding them about the code of conduct of traffic practiced in their state. They not only advice but also defend their clients in the court to reduce or even dismiss the charges against the alleged crime.

Punishment for the Accused:

As traffic violation is considered as a serious crime and the accused is charged with a misdemeanor, he or she can face relatively harsh penalties. The penalties charged on the offender vary according to the age of the culprit and severity of the crime committed. A traffic lawyer Fairfax VA can legally assist the accused by giving him/her a complete guideline about the penalties that could be charged to him or her during the trial. The possible penalties that can be charged on the accused are:

  • Huge amount of fine ranging from $2,500 to $100,000
  • A Significant increase in the auto insurance premium rate
  • Jail time for a period of up to 10 years
  • Suspension of driving license
  • An assessment of 6 Virginia DMV moving demerit points

It is important for a person to note that even a relatively minor traffic offense can seriously affect the life of the accused. These traffic violations can mark their record as a criminal. The future opportunities of the accused can also have a negative affect because many of the recruiters have complete background knowledge of their employees. For this purpose, a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA can be the possible option that one can have. These lawyers help their clients by defending them against the allegations.


A person may not find it important to hire a lawyer because they assume that even the worst consequences cannot affect their lives. It is extremely crucial for a person to understand that even the minor offense of such crimes mark their record as criminal. For which they should immediately hire an experienced traffic lawyer Fairfax VA to fight against the alleged crime. These lawyers strive the best qualities that help them in the defense process of their clients. They help their clients by reducing or even dismiss the penalties that are charged to them.