VA reckless driving lawyer cost

Virginia is a state with multiple infrastructures such as busy city areas, suburban areas, highways and coastal line. Therefore the traffic enforcement authorities have strict rules to manage the safety of citizens travelling on road. Many motorists are found criticizing Virginia reckless driving limitation, however, the police officers of Virginia are proud of the reckless driving laws. The aim of these tough reckless driving laws is to reduce road accidents and ensure the safety of the travelers on road.

Why do I need the help of a reckless driving lawyer?

If you are charged with any criminal offense in Virginia, it is the best idea to take the service and guidance of a professional defense attorney. Reckless driving penalties and charges are harsh in Virginia and therefore you would need the help of a professional lawyer who knows how to convince the judge.

What is reckless driving?

Reckless driving in Virginia is deemed as a major traffic violation. Reckless driving is the act of an individual where his careless driving on the highway of Virginia can cause potential damage to any human life or property. The court deems the following acts as reckless driving:

  1. Over speeding
  2. Carelessly driving on highway without taking care of the traffic
  3. Recklessly driving a faulty vehicle or one with faulty breaks
  4. Racing on the highway
  5. Recklessly driving an overloaded vehicle
  6. Passing by a stopped school bus
  7. Passing by another vehicle in the same lane
  8. Turning or passing without proper signals
  9. Dangerously speeding on the curves

What are the penalties for reckless driving in Virginia?

Reckless driving is a serious criminal offense and is categorized as class 1 misdemeanor. The common penalties for reckless driving are:

  1. Hefty fines up to $2500
  2. Suspension of driving license for a maximum period of 6 months
  3. Up to 6 Demerit point on the driving record
  4. Hike in insurance premiums
  5. Possible chances of serving jail time
  6. Record of reckless driving on the driving transcript for almost 11 years

Steps to mitigate the penalties for reckless driving ticket in Virginia

Considering the negative impacts of reckless driving charges, one should immediately take the help of a professional reckless driving attorney. A professional Virginia’s reckless driving attorney will help you in designing the defensive strategies which can mitigate your hefty fines. You only have a period of 2 months to adopt defensive strategies before your trial in the court starts. The penalties for reckless driving can badly affect your personal and professional life.

VA reckless driving lawyer cost

Usually, professional and experienced lawyers, who are more concerned to help you out with your case, offer free initial consultation and case study of your incident. Once you are satisfied with your lawyer’s initial consultation, you can further book them for your case. It is best that you discuss the attorney fee before getting any legal services from the lawyer so that you can save your precious time. Virginia is a state with rough reckless driving rules and the prosecutors deal the majority of the criminal cases harshly.

In Virginia, you can find lawyers for as low as $150- $200, while VA reckless driving lawyer cost might even be $1800. Although the fees of the attorney is still lower than the charges which you are supposed to pay if you are not given a chance to plead guilty. It is best to select the lawyer on the basis of their experience of handling and winning reckless driving cases within Virginia.