What Qualifies As A Child Pornography Crime In Virginia?

The state of Virginia has the reputation of being firm and strict with those who do not follow the laws and regulations of the state. Virginia has a no-tolerance policy against child pornography, and has a history of delivering some of the harshest sentences in America.

Child pornography accusation can cause serious turmoil not just for the defendant but also for the family and loved ones. Life can take a turn for the worse and can affect everything from career to family life. Not only can the defendant lose their job and all that they’ve worked for, they also risk losing the custody of their children.

What is meant by Child Pornography in Virginia?

According to the state of Virginia laws, any pictorial material that shows a child naked or in sexually compromising circumstances is categorized as child pornography. Pictorial material includes various mediums ranging from images, movies, or videos. (Any child under the age of 18 years is considered a minor).

What are the Charges for Child Pornography?

Virginia considers all child pornography crimes as felonies that are subject to heavy penalties and punishment.

There are three chief crimes categorized under child pornography.

  • Being involved in any way in the creation of child pornography: If the defendant is found to be involved in forcing or luring a child to get involved in child pornography, they will be accountable for it. Even if the minor has said yes to it, the defendant will still be blamed for it.
  • Found in ownership of child pornography: If the defendant is found in possession of any such article that proves their interest in or association with sexual abuse or manipulation of minors, charges can be placed for child pornography.
  • Circulation of child pornography: The defendant will be found to be guilty of child pornography if in any way involved in selling, replicating or passing on the offensive content through an electronic medium.

Penalties to Be Faced If Found Guilty Of Child Pornography

There are many elements that are taken into consideration if the defendant is found guilty of child pornography. The defendant will have to serve a jail time between one to four years. The judge will also charge a fine that the defendant will have to pay.

  • The defendant will have a jail time from one to twenty years in prison if found guilty of possessing child pornography This charge is considered a Class 6 felony. The fine charged by the judge will be around $2,500.
  • If the defendant is convicted of being involved in the production of child pornography, it can lead to five to forty years in jail.
  • The defendant will have a jail time from one to ten years if found guilty of distributing child The fine charged to the defendant will be up to $100,000.

Get All the Help You Can

The defendant will not be declared guilty until there is incriminating evidences to convince the court. It is highly imperative for a defendant to seek professional help from a practiced criminal defense attorney who can thoroughly investigate a case and defend them in the court of law.

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