Why Hire a Child Custody Attorney

Divorce and separation are inherently disheartening stages of a life. They can become even more stressful, especially when disagreements regarding the children arise. Although it is an ideal situation where both the parents make mutual compromises to ensure all decisions are in their children’s best interest, but this is not always the case. Their emotions and ego can occasionally interfere in the decision-making process. If such circumstances seem your situation, you must take advantage of a child custody lawyer who can help you with the legal proceedings and come to an agreement between both the parents.

Here are seven scenarios when you really need to hire a well-versed child custody lawyer:

1.    Your Ex already has one

You should consider hiring a child custody attorney when your ex is already working with a private child custody lawyer. If finance is your concern, seek free legal assistance in your area. You would never want to lose your child’s custody simply because your Ex has a legal representative but you do not.

2.    The custody case has become more complex

Occasionally, a pretty simple case turns out to be an increasingly complex one as you go along, e.g. your Ex is attempting to convince the court that you are ‘unfit’ enough to raise the child, or if the other parent has changed his/her mind regarding shared custody. These complications indicate you to get immediate child custody lawyer assistance.

3.    You Believe Your Child is in Danger

When you believe that your kid’s safety is at stake, you must obtain highly qualified legal representative as soon as possible, besides calling 9-11 immediately. In fact, you should also consider obtaining a restraining order in such situation, as the cost of losing the child custody is simply too high. Moreover, share your concerns with your legal representative when you are worried about significant repercussions.

4.    Your Ex denies your access to your child

When your ex is trying to avert you from meeting your child, denying visits or telephonic calls, or canceling the meetings at the last minute, then you must consider hiring a lawyer to represent you.

5.    The Court requires you to take certain classes or participate in treatment

When the court requires you to take anger management or parenting classes or to get enrolled in alcohol or drug treatment, then you are somehow already at a relative disadvantage in the court’s eyes for child custody. In such circumstance, your custody appeal might already be at stake, thus you must hire an attorney to represent you and support your case.

6.    Your case circumstances have changed significantly

When your own or your Ex’s circumstances change significantly, you should consider hiring a child custody attorney to represent you in its best light. The changes could be relocation, remarriage, or some other significant matter.

7.    Trust and competence

Ideally, you must provide your lawyer with all details related to your personal matters especially during a divorce or child custody hearing, as they can be of immense help at that time. An experienced attorney will negotiate for you and your child’s mutually best interests.